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    About Us

    Our mission is to provide our clients the highest quality security services in the industry using hi-tech methods and custom tailored solutions.

    Founded in 2003 by retired Washoe County Sheriff's Deputies, Lt. Joe Martin and Capt. Rich Ross, Martin-Ross is a company dedicated to serving the needs of communities, companies, and individuals throughout Nevada. Our staff of highly trained personnel has many years of experience in:



    Terrell Fearrand, our Director of Operations for Martin-Ross passed away on February 18th , after a long battle with cancer.  Terrell was responsible for many of our procedures still in use today and was vital to the growth of our company. A memorial service will take place in Fernley and will send at a notice of the date, time and placed. Terrell will be deeply missed.

    Joseph E. Martin

    Joseph E. Martin is CEO and Co-Founder of Martin-Ross. He retired as a Lieutenant with the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office in Reno, Nevada after 25 years. A Sheriff’s Office Medal of Honor recipient, his experience includes assignments as the Commander of SWAT and Security Services, Academy Commander, and various other positions. Joe is also a graduate of the Prestigious FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia, an honor that extends only to a handful of individuals. He also served as the President of the Nevada chapter of the FBI National Academy Associates. He has trained extensively with the FBI and US Secret Service in Protection of Public Officials, Terrorism and Security. He is also a Veteran of the Air National Guard.

    Jason Patterson

    Jason Patterson is President of Martin-Ross. He is a specialist from the private sector and has over 18 years of experience in electronics, imaging, computers, weapons, and training, communications and management. Jason is a multiple graduate of Gunsite Training Academy and is a certified law enforcement firearms instructor. Mr. Patterson has worked with instructors from many law enforcement agencies and military units including the Richmond, and San Raphael California Police Departments, the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Department in Arizona as well as members of the United States Special Forces. Jason is also a Terrorism Liaison Officer trained by the Department of Homeland Security in Anti-Terrorism and holds certifications in many disciplines including Executive Protection.

  • Marijuana

    Medical Marijuana Security

    Martin-Ross is offering turn-key solutions for Nevada's emerging medical marijuana industry from security plans for the application process to physical security solutions tailored for your environment. From seed to sale, we are perhaps the best qualified company in the State of Nevada. After many months of research, working with others in the field and drafting policies, we have push-button plans ready to go with little to no modification needed. Call us for additional information and ask for J. Patterson.

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    Threat Management
    Security Services
    Private Investigation

    Process Serving
    Live Video Monitoring
    Fingerprinting Services

    Executive Protection

    Training Services


    Martin-Ross Security is hiring for Event Security Positions.

    Applicants must be 18 years of age and have no felony convictions. All positions require a current Nevada P.I.L.B card. If you don't have a current P.I.L.B card, we will assist you in the process. For more information on P.I.L.B, Click here. If you have any questions, please call 775-336-4440.

    Download the Employment Application here: Martin-Ross Application
    Adobe Reader is required to view the employment application. Click here to download Adobe Reader.

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    Martin-Ross & Associates

    350 South Rock Blvd. Suite 200
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    Telephone: 775-336-4440
    E-mail: info@martinrosssecurity.com

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    Nevada, because of its transient nature has a larger proportional risk of crime than many states with much larger populations. According to the FBI, due to the ailing economy, crime again financial institutions has begun to rise. Vandalizing, graffiti, gang activity, drugs, auto theft, and burglary are also becoming more frequent at businesses. Private Law Enforcement is the ideal way to deal with many of these issues. Martin-Ross is committed to providing you with the finest, most professional service available.

    All of our officers are screened by multiple personnel, and chosen according to character, moral fiber, intelligence, and qualification. They are additionally given stringent background checks which include criminal history, dirving history, financial, and employment history. Each officer is highly trained in all areas including Patrol techniques, arrest and handcuffing, Baton, Pepper Spray, and Firearms. The firearms training alone is higher than any currently required by the State of Nevada.

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    Real-time video network surveillance

    Martin-Ross is in the process of putting together a real-time network video surveillance system for its clients that has the capability to allow our patrol units to bring up your operations on their in-vehicle computers and see real-time video of what is happening on the ground. The patrol units could then determine ow to proceed, all while recording the activities on a digital hard drive. All cameras in the system work on the network and can be viewed on a computer with online access from anywhere in the world. All cameras are either fixed or pan/tilt/zoom and have low light or infrared features for night use.


    Clients need solutions, not excuses. GuardTek is a Tour Verification System that requires an officer to scan checkpoints during a tour. This occurs in real-time. If the officer does not finish the tour or forgets to check certain areas, the company and client are notified instantly. A full report can be automatically emailed to you every morning providing you with the time and each checkpoint that was scanned on the tour. This creates instant accountability and ensures your property is being checked.

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    Meet Our Staff


    Terrell Fearrand


    Jason Norris


    Jennifer Patterson


    Anthony Chase


    Patrick Daugherty

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    Terrell Fearrand

    Terrell Fearrand was our Director of Operations for Martin-Ross for several years. Terrell passed away on February 18th , after a long battle with cancer.  Terrell was responsible for many of our procedures still in use today and was vital to the growth of our company. Terrell had more than 40 years of experience including a former Law Enforcement Training Officer, S.W.A.T. Trainer and deep cover operative in narcotics, illegal weapons, white supremacists, organized crime and outlaw biker gangs. He is a former National Police Pistol Champion and is a member of the NRA 1480 Club and the Governor’s Twenty. As a Fraud Investigator, Fraud Claims Law Specialist and Certified Investigative Professional, Certified Insurance Fraud Investigator, he worked in the Commercial, Independent and POOL insurance industries as a Commercial General Liability Adjuster, Litigation Manager, Mediator, Negotiator in multi-million dollar claims, Special Investigations Unit Investigator, Property Adjuster, Death and Injury Claims Adjusting, Surveillance Manager/Operator and Litigation Fraud Auditor.  He is also a combat veteran of Viet-Nam and while serving with the United States Marine Corps, was awarded the Purple Heart for multiple gunshot wounds received in action. A memorial service will take place in Fernley and will send at a notice of the date, time and placed. Terrell will be deeply missed.

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    Jason Norris

    Jason Norris was born in Reno and graduated from the University of Nevada and Sparks High School, Jason holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. As a sales professional Jason has helped several businesses increase their market share by establishing high trust relationships with Clients. He sits on the Reno Finance Advisor Board and is the Finance Chair for Learning for Life/Exploring. Additionally, he holds/held professional State licenses in medicine, finance and real estate. He is an alumnus of Leadership Reno-Sparks, a member of Reno Tahoe Young Professionals Network and an active Member of the Bridge Church. Jason enjoys raising his family in Northern Nevada and spending his free time outdoors.

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    Jennifer Patterson

    Vice-President of Finance and Administration. Jennifer has extensive experience in both owning and managing businesses. Such areas include media, manufacturing, and the food & beverage industry. She has been involved in all aspects of our operation to include finance, human resources, purchasing, sales, and development. Jennifer holds a degree in business from Foothill College in Los Altos, CA and attended the University of Arkansas in Fort Smith. While away from the office; Jennifer enjoys spending quality time with her family.

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    Anthony Chase

    Director of Operations. Prior to accepting the role as the head of Operations he served as the Patrol Supervisor. He comes to MRA from a career in public service where he served Reno as well as other communities in the emergency medical field. He has over 10 years of experience in emergency services and holds several licenses and certifications in the field. Anthony has been involved with several multi-jurisdictional mass-casualty exercises that have provided him the knowledge and skills he uses to help educate MRA Specialists. Additionally, his experience in the transportation industry as a regional manager has provided him with a strong background to manage not only our staff but our fleet as well. He holds an AS in Emergency Management in addition to a BA in Transportation and Logistics. On his time away from work, Anthony is a family man that loves to explore and enjoy the outdoors.

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    Patrick Daugherty

    Video Surveillance. He has over 15 years of military, government, law enforcement and security experience. Patrick is dedicated to immersing Northern Nevada with technological tools used for crime prevention. He served in the Marine Corp in 1998, then moved into a career with Homeland Security. During his tenure at Homeland Security he was tasked with equipment evaluations, new policy evaluations, training programs, and creating interdepartmental communication policies for law enforcement agencies. Patrick also worked with local law enforcement agencies and business owners in East Oakland where he designed and implemented many public safety programs used today. Even though Patrick is experienced in many law enforcement fields, his newest ambition is to provide officers with technology; removing them from dangerous situations while still maintaining mission success.

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  • Threat Management

    Risk and threat management is at the forefront to today’s business. Martin-Ross will tailor solutions to meet your needs by providing push-button programs that integrate with all currently accepted safety and security guidelines for handling incidents such as hostile employees, terminations and internal and external threats of violence like active shooter.

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  • Security Services

    Patrol Services

    Martin-Ross provides the best patrol services available anywhere. We developed SMART security that utilizes proven strategies for reducing crime. Patrol Specialists are crossed-trained in a variety of areas and represent the highest echelons of Martin-Ross. They are smart, motivated, professional and determined.


    Patrol checks include:

    • Crime deterrence
    • Maintenance inspections
    • Alarm response
    • Parking issues
    • Noise disturbances
    • Trespassing

    All of our patrol services are available A la Carte as a cost saving alternative to regular patrols.


    Static Security

    Armed and Unarmed Security Specialists are available in less than two hours, 24 hours per day. Security personnel are issued a variety of uniforms ranging from full (Class A) style to modified and more relaxed uniforms. We can match your need with the right personnel.


    Static Security include:

    • Armed and unarmed
    • Uniformed
    • Plain clothes
    • Traffic control
    • Access control
    • Metal detecting (Wanding)
    • Bag checks

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  • Corporate Security & Consulting

    Corporate Security is a necessity for protecting your assets and keeping the workplace safe. At Martin-Ross we will tailor security solutions to meet your needs. We can assess your company’s vulnerabilities and advise you of the most effective methods and technology to make your business more successful.


    Corporate Investigations:

    • Employee related Backgrounds, both pre-employment and internal
    • Expert Witness/Litigation Support
    • Theft Investigation (Internal/External)
    • Employee Vehicle GPS Tracking

    Administrative Security Seminars:

    • Crisis Management and Emergency Preparation
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Employee Seminars and Training:
      • Knowing how to spot internal and external threats.
      • Violence in the workplace. How to spot the signs of a disgruntle employee.
      • Terrorism awareness training.
      • Business travelers- How to stay safe. Avoid kidnappings, car jacking, assaults and Terrorism.


    Asset Protection/Loss Prevention Protecting your assets is one of the most important areas of focus a business can have. Not only must one view potential outside threats but internal threats from employees as well. No one wants to believe that a member of their own workforce is taking advantage of them but it happens more often than not. At Martin-Ross we will evaluate both areas and help the client by choosing the best methods for prevention. We provide consultation in the following areas:


    • Physical Security:
    • Where gates, walls and fences should best be located.
    • Barriers- What kind? Concrete? Steel? Planters? Bollards?
    • Guard Houses/Entry Keypads
    • Guards- How many? Where?
    • What kind of Guards? Armed/Unarmed?
    • Portals I.E. Entries/Exits- Pedestrian and Vehicular
    • CCTV Cameras- Fixed VS. Pan/Tilt/Zoom. How many? Where?
    • Camera Monitoring- What kind of system?
    • Procedural Security:
    • Alarm Systems
    • Internal CCTV Cameras
    • ID checks
    • Entry badges
    • Electronic Access Systems- What kind? Card Scanners? Biometric?
    • X-Ray and Magnetic Scanners

    We have a solution for every situation…

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  • Executive Protection

    Executive Protection is a highly specialized serviced performed by Martin-Ross and Associates. We have provided protection for Politicians, Celebrities, Foreign Dignitaries, Executives and other high profile individuals and have also worked in conjunction with the US Secret Service and the US Marshall’s Service.


    The United States, if not the entire world, has experienced a new heightened awareness of security needs. The rules have changed. Risk of violence to a particular targeted individual or group has become more common for a variety of financial, political and ideological reasons.


    Our Agents have years of experience and are trained by some of the best in the world including the US Secret Service, ASIS, R.L. and Oatman. We can provide protection for any number of persons in any situation.

    • Business Executives
    • Diplomatic Security
    • Families
    • Individuals
    • Local Protection and Travel
    • Short or Long-term
    • 24/7 Coverage

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  • Private Investigation

    The field of Private Investigation covers a wide spectrum of services. At Martin-Ross and Associates our investigators are all former law enforcement and have years of experience. We employ the latest methods, technology and software to get the job done. In addition to the services listed below, we can also run parallel investigations with the Police in other more serious crimes.


      Services offered:

    • Process of Service
      • Locate Elusive Subjects of Interest for Legal Service
      • Due Diligence Verification
    • Workers Compensation Investigation and Interviewing
    • Identity Theft
    • Aircraft Accident Property Recovery and Inventory
    • Medical and Legal Billing Audit
    • Insurance Investigations
    • Judgement Recovery Investigation
    • Forensic Investigations - Financial and Criminal Allegations
    • Forensic Investigations
      • Personal/Bodyguard Protection
      • Covert/Overt Workplace Security
      • Mobile Surveillance of Subject involving Threats of Violence
    • Traffic Accident Reconstruction
    • Workplace Threats of Violence, Investigations and Training
    • Background Investigations
    • Corporate Investigations
    • Insurance Investigations
    • Fraud Investigations
    • Surveillance Investigations
    • Miscellaneous
      • Social security verification
      • Birth and death records
      • Military History records
      • CPR
      • Other red Cross approved/related training
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  • Process Serving

    We have a wealth of experience working with law firms, insurance companies, businesses, industry and individuals all over Nevada. Our experienced staff will take whatever steps are necessary to meat your needs. We offer three basic levels of serving. Normal delivery time is 7 to 10 days. If it is a priority, delivery time is 48 hours. For an urgent situation, delivery time can be as little as 24 hours. These services include multiple attempts at no charge over the specified length of time of service. We will follow through with the investigation and keep you informed every step of the way.

    • It includes:
    • Subpoenas
    • Eviction Notices
    • Summons and Complaints
    • Order to Show Cause
    • Affidavits
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  • Loss Prevention


    Video Surveillance as a Service is a term used to describe how video surveillance can be offered as a service to those who want the benefits of 24-hour monitored video but don’t want to pay someone to sit 24-hours a day to watch it. By partnering with Burgarello Alarm we can provide you with a turnkey video package for your home or business that is controlled by our powerful video management software and monitored by expertly trained staff.

    What does it do?

    By taking an unintelligent camera and combining it with intelligent software analytics, we can now determine more than ever before.

    • Advanced Motion Detection
    • Facial Recognition
    • Object recognition
    • License Plate Recognition
    • Audio Analytics
    • Gunshots
    • Aggressive Voices
    • Spray Paint Cans
    • Speed of Object
    • Direction of Object
    • People and Vehicle Counting
    • Left Objects
    • Removed Objects
    • Loitering
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  • Finger Printing Service

    Martin-Ross provides a fully mobile fingerprinting service performed by licensed and accredited staff. We take the hassle out of fingerprinting by coming to your location. There is no limit to how many prints can be taken and processed. Print sets are sent electronically or hardcopy to the appropriate agencies and is approved by the State of Nevada, United States Department of Justice and the FBI. Notary Public Service and Passport Photos can be provided at the same time making Martin-Ross your one stop compliance solution.

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  • Training Services

    Being well trained is the primary emphasis in employment at Martin-Ross. As a result of repeated requests, Martin-Ross has opened its doors to other security agencies and select civilian candidates for training in security disciplines. Candidates must complete a thorough criminal background check prior to being accepted.


    The training is conducted by veteran law enforcement and civilian instructors from a variety of agencies and private industries. Specially tailored courses are available for teams or individuals training for specific environments such as facility and infrastructure security as well as convoy security, executive protection and other specialized duties. Candidates can expect to be pushed hard and will be rewarded with the finest training available in the private sector.

    • Patrol Tactics
    • Building Searches
    • Firearms Instruction
    • Contact/Cover
    • Loss Prevention
    • Security Management
    • Emergency Procedures
    • Workplace Violence
    • Active Shooter
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